The School requires one (1) academic term’s notice of a pupil leaving the School, or one (1) academic term’s fees in lieu of notice. One full academic term’s notice is considered to be latest by the 7th day from the commencement of the School term. This one (1) term’s notice is in keeping with Straits International School official withdrawal policy. Failure to do so will result in the forfeiture of the security deposit.

Deadlines of Withdrawal Notice

Academic Year 2022-23
Term Last Day of Schooling Notice Deadline
1 09/12/2022 30/08/2022
2 07/04/2023 10/01/2023
3 06/07/2023 23/04/2023

Withdrawal Procedure

  • 01

    Submit your written withdrawal notice via office or email to sisp_marketing@sisgroup.edu.my. The withdrawal notice shall include the student’s full name, year group, last day of schooling, reason of withdrawal and the name of the next school enrolling.
  • 02

    As soon as the Admissions team receive the withdrawal notice via email, parents will receive a reply to acknowledge receipt. If the withdrawal notice is submitted through office, an acknowledgement stamp will be given.
  • 03

    The Admissions team will furnish a copy of the Withdrawal Application and Parent Exit Survey Form which needs to be completed and returned to the Admissions office within a week.
  • 04

    For foreign family who holds a Student/ Guardian / Younger Sibling visa, it is a must to submit the cancellation of visa two (2) weeks before last day of schooling.
  • 05

    On the last day of schooling, parents are required to return the Student ID card, locker key and library books (if any) as to fulfil the clearance procedure. Failure to do so, a penalty charges will be applied.
  • 06

    Parents will receive the Withdrawal Letter on the last day of schooling after clearance made. Academic Transcript is available only upon request at least a week before the last day of schooling.
  • 07

    Finance department will proceed the refund of Security Deposit, Locker Key deposit and meal balance (if any) and will be ready one (1) month after clearance made for withdrawal. Refund will be made via cheque or bank transfer in to the parent’s account as indicated in the Withdrawal Application Form.
Should you need further clarifications about the withdrawal procedure, please do not hesitate to call in +604-643 1815 and look for the Admissions team.