Physical Education is seen as a big part of school life at Straits International School characterised by students from Nursery to Year 11 having up to two hours of PE every week and an Action themed co-curricular activity once a week. It is important for students to have the chance to display their other skills and talents outside of the usual classroom environment.

All extra-curricular sports undertaken at Straits come under the name ‘Straits Dragons’. Football teams for the U11s, U13s and U15s boys, and Netball teams for the U14s and U16s girls are involved in fixtures against other schools in Penang. For the previous academic year, all of the previously mentioned secondary teams, along with the newly created U13s girls Football team, will represent the Straits Dragons in this year's PSAC league, competing against other international schools in Penang.

Every student is urged to grasp an assortment of difficulties so as to boost their potential during variety of sport program. We attempt to build up the majority of our students capacity in game yet similarly are quick to guarantee that a wide scope of exercises and openings are offered to every student paying little mind to their inclination and capacity. Competitions in various of sport between International school in Penang are offered throughout the academic. This allows our student to experience different competitive sport and enabling them to experience a rich, culturally diverse, student lifestyle.