Primary School

Establishing Excellence

Our Straits Primary School Curriculum is based on the National Curriculum for England but offers features of enhancement such as specialist lessons in languages and creative subjects. The flexibility that being an international school affords, means that we are in a fortunate position to offer the best of different curricula and educational ideas from around the world. Thus, we are able to develop our own unique learning experience for the Straits International School children.

As with most primary schools, we are targeting the development of literacy and numeracy skills but we are also able to add to the experiences of children with additional learning opportunities. All students have daily Mandarin lessons. We are able to offer our Malaysian students access to Bahasa, and for our Muslim students, Islamic Studies. Additionally, we have developed a Malaysian Studies course for all of our students to become more aware of the country we live in. All of our students from Year One to Year Six take part in our Co-Curricular Activities programme from 2.30-3.30pm each day; activities are focused in the areas of Academic Challenge and Support, Creative, Action and Culture, Community and Service.

All of our Primary School children take part in the school’s Challenge Week.

The focus throughout the Primary School is on providing stimulating learning opportunities to children through well-planned and prepared lessons which will lead to children progressing up a series of assessment levels, culminating in their graduation in Year Six. Assessment is on-going, both formal and informal, and all pupils are offered a personalised learning experience which focuses their learning on the areas of development that they require the most support in.

Feedback to parents is distributed on a regular basis, through email. We also publish regular reports and updates for parents to discuss progress and learning with both teachers and children. We also set children personal learning targets in each subject and these are kept in the children’s books so that parents can access the information at any time.

Of course, overall we want our children to enjoy coming to school to learn and to have fun. The most important thing is for our children to be happy and to want to come to school every day to learn more about the world around them with their friends and teachers.

Should you wish to know more about our Primary School, please feel free to make an appointment for a visit or arrange a trial for your child. We will welcome you with a Straits smile.

Year 1 & 2 (Key Stage 1)

Years One and Two build upon their work from the EYFS and the curriculum shifts towards a more recognisable balance of subjects with the focus on Literacy, Numeracy and Science. We also build on our language foundations in Mandarin and Bahasa (for Malaysian students).

Creative subjects such as Art, Music and Drama continue and we focus our learning about the past (History) and world around us (Geography) in Humanities. We also continue to support our physical development in P.E. For Challenge Week, students do a week of fun and service-based activities locally.

Year 3 To 6 (Key Stage 2)

In Years Three to Six, as the children grow, the learning becomes more and more exciting. We continue to build upon the knowledge and skills from Key Stage One as children ready themselves for their Year Six Cambridge Checkpoint test. We continue to focus on Literacy, Numeracy and Science and by now, children are becoming more and more adept in all areas of learning. We can hear Mandarin classes conducted solely in Mandarin and see children in the School Library reading huge stacks of books.

From Year Three onwards, children can also begin French lessons. Creative and physical development continues through Art, Music, Drama and P.E. and children are also now beginning to become much more independent and take responsibility for their own learning and development. There are increasing opportunities for wider school roles, such as sports teams, performances and outings.

For Challenge Week, Years Three and Four will go away for a few days to a local area, whilst Years Five and Six will go further afield and take part in camping and team-building activities.