Go Further with OxfordAQA & IGCSE Cambridge Syllabus

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OxfordAQA combines the educational experience of two leading UK-based organizations: Oxford University Press, a subsidiary of the University of Oxford, and AQA, the United Kingdom’s main scholarly awarding body.

OxfordAQA was built on the premise that all students (including those in private school) deserve a fair chance to show what they’ve learned, and the commitment to everything they do is based on this philosophy of Fair Assessment.

This suggests, for example, that OxfordAQA concentrates on testing subject knowledge rather than English comprehension or cultural backgrounds in the United Kingdom.

OxfordAQA’s international certificates are comparable to their UK counterparts and are developed primarily for students who do not understand English as a first language and live outside the UK.

The requirements are important for tomorrow’s global people, providing students with the expertise and skills they will need to move on to the next level of their education or career.

OxfordAQA has consistently administered IGCSE, AS, and A-Level exams across Asia since its inception in 2015.

The supportive feedback they’ve got from this region shows that they’ve kept their pledge of fair assessment, with students stating that the consistency of OxfordAQA’s papers enabled them to perform to their full potential.


Why OxfordAQA?

1. Relevant Specifications Globally

OxfordAQA’s international qualifications are based on AQA specifications, which are the most common in the UK, created specifically for students studying in the Middle East and Asia.

They provide globally applicable content and evaluations tailored to students living outside the United Kingdom and high-quality services, and a network of regional consultants.


2. Fair Assessments

OxfordAQA is committed to providing Fair Assessments so that any student can reach their full potential. They only measure students’ subject knowledge in their tests, not their English comprehension or cultural interpretation of the United Kingdom.

Exam writers at OxfordAQA use the Oxford3000 core vocabulary list to ensure that the words used in the questions are readily understood by students who do not understand English as their first language.


3. Standards of The United Kingdom

The International certificates from OxfordAQA are aligned to the same high expectations as the recently reformed GCSEs and A-levels in the United Kingdom. OxfordAQA’s GCSEs use the current 9–1 grading scale, which was adopted to accommodate the reformed qualifications’ more demanding content and improvements to examination design.

The new structure allows for better distinction between higher levels of student achievement and allows for awarding a grade 9 for exceptional achievement. Genuinely exceptional students are granted the recognition they merit and further stretch at the high end of the talent spectrum.


4. Preparing the Students for the Real World

The international certificates developed with professional advice from university academics emphasize knowledge development, allowing students to apply their expertise and understanding to new situations. This facilitates their transition from overseas GCSEs and A-levels to higher education.

IGCSE Plus and the A-level standard Independent Project Certification are two special project-based qualification choices. These courses enable students to show learner individuality, problem-solving, creativity, and academic skills, allowing them to stand out when applying to universities.


5. High-Quality Resources are Available

OxfordAQA provides teachers with all of the resources they need to teach their qualifications confidently. Specification comparison papers, Schemes of Work Specimen Assessment Resources, and exam planning methods like Exampro and Enhanced Results Analysis are among the resources available (ERA).

Oxford University Press textbooks are available to support each specification.


6. Responsive Support

The regional consultants at OxfordAQA provide face-to-face assistance to all of their schools, while telephone, events, and webinars are used to provide subject expertise and exam administration guidance. This means that you have all of the details you need at the time you need it.


7. Global Recognition

Leading universities around the world recognize OxfordAQA credentials. They collaborate closely with education ministries to ensure that equivalence to local qualifications is established.

OxfordAQA’s International GCSEs and A-levels have been independently evaluated as meeting the same standards as British GCSEs and A-levels accredited by the UK examinations regulator, Ofqual, by UK NARIC, the agency responsible for providing information and advice on academic qualifications from all over the world.


In a Nutshell

The credentials offered by OxfordAQA assist students, including those in international primary and secondary schools, in progressing to the next level of their schooling.

Students who enrol in certain International schools in Penang, such as Straits International School Penang, can be confident that OxfordAQA qualifications are recognized by educational institutions worldwide equivalent to those obtained in the United Kingdom.

Straits International School Penang offers both OxfordAQA and IGCSE Cambridge curriculum and syllabus. For more information, please feel free to get in touch with our friendly education counsellors.