Motto & Core Values

The School Motto

Non Mihi, Non Tibi, Sed Nobis
Not For Me, Not For You, But For Us
不是为我, 不是为你, 而是为我们
Bukan Untuk Ku, Bukan Untukmu, Tetapi Untuk Kita

The motto of the school reflects the mission of our education, which is to develop in our students a sense of community spirit that enables them to become compassionate, well balanced citizens. As such, a commitment to our community and the performance of service is the cornerstone of an education at SIS.

Community work exists in many ways at the school and takes form in various activities. Through ‘hands on’ service learning, our students develop a sense of self, improve their cultural understanding and help create a better school for all.




To establish Straits International School as a group of schools respected and recognised for its standard of education throughout Malaysia by encouraging excellence in every aspect of the life of our community, and by supporting and nurturing each other to achieve that goal.

Towards actualising this vision, SIS endeavours to:

  • Create a positive and challenging collegiate atmosphere that gives staff and their department the time and support to excel in everything they do;
  • Become a centre of excellence for high quality pastoral care and academic support for all pupils;
  • Develop and innovative curriculum that challenges our brightest pupils whilst supporting and providing appropriate challenge to our weaker pupils;
  • Provide pupils and staff with outstanding opportunities for leadership and service throughout our community;
  • Firmly establish our reputation as a centre of excellence for educating the whole child;
  • Develop a strong "Straits Community" that includes parents, students and teachers with an excellent communication systems;
  • Create a learning environment that enhances opportunities for student progress;
  • Develop students that reflects the "Straits Seven" learner profile;
  • Market a strong, positive image of the Straits International School, developing its perceived profile and style;
  • Build the systems and policies required to ensure that future Straits International Schools can start with efficiency; and
  • Build capacity at all levels and in all areas to achieve these goals.



Straits International School aims to prepare our students to take up their places in an ever evolving and challenging world, striving for continuous excellence in their pursuits, but tempered with empathy for others. Students of SIS will leave the school with strong moral and ethical values and with a truly internationally-minded outlook.

This mission statement is distilled into the following:

Straits International School believes that:

  • A child's happiness and positive self-esteem are vital to their personal and social development;
  • Children need to be taught to believe in themselves;
  • The attitude of children should be healthy and positive;
  • Children should become independent learners and taught to think independently;
  • Children ought to know how to set goals and how to achieve them;
  • Children should learn that self-discipline and self-motivation are the keys to achievement and success; and
  • Children must learn to look outwards from within.

Customer Charter


We are committed to:-


We welcome you and listen carefully to your requests and take time to fully understand individual needs and culture


We respond to you in a friendly manner and attend professionally to your walk-in, online or phone enquiries as quickly as possible during opening hours


We will provide consistent, accessible and accurate information


We really care about helping you and follow through on our commitments


Respect and protect your personal information by implementing Personal Data Protection Act


We are always looking for enthusiastic customers to tell us what they want and how we can improve



The laurel represents peace and concord within a diverse international community, whilst also acknowledging its use as an ancient Roman symbol of purity and inspiration. In a more modern setting, the laurel itself has been used to signify success and glory, and in our crest this success and glory has education at its heart; represented by a light of learning which illuminates and gives guidance for all our school community.