Nutrition For Learning

The school aims to provide nutritious meals which are balanced and low in carbohydrates and fat to our students. There is a choice of Western and Asian options together with soup, salads and a range of desserts. Eating together is an important part of the culture of the school and there are occasional formal moments when the whole school shares luncheon in celebration of British, local and International festivals.

We also eat together at our House tables. The canteen service is outsourced, but monitored by a canteen committee at the school, which is composed of students, parents and teachers. All the food served in our canteen is pork-free and beef-free.

Here at SIS, we adopt the cashless system in purchasing meals to facilitate the transactions. Here are the benefits of implementing cashless system.

Reduce waiting time at queue line

We do not want to see our students spend time in queuing up for payment. Using a touch card to pay is easy and it’s 3 times faster than paying via cash.

More hygienic

No money changes hands at the point of sale. This ensures your child a better hygiene routine before intake the breakfast or lunch at the canteen.

Reduce risk & greater security

Significantly reduce the risk and issue of theft or accidental loss of money.

Traceable transactions

Request a copy of the account transactions from our Finance department to find out how the meal credit been spent over the time.

Flexible cash top up system

You can easily top up the meal credit via online transfer or walk-in to pay at the Finance office.

Breakfast & Lunch For JUNE 2022