Mandarin Singing Competitions

Singing brings a sense of fun to our Mandarin lessons! Our students beautiful singing voices were highlighted at our Mandarin Singing Competition. A special mention to prize winners:

KS1 Gold – Rishi, 2I Silver - Yun Zhen, 1S & Nitara, 2S Bronze - Jared Khoo, 1S & Hyo Joo, 1S

KS2 Silver - Ji Hyo, 4S, Pratyusha, 3I, Jason Sun, 3S, Amberlyn Tan, 6I, Isabel Oliver Kevin, 6I Bronze - Jayden Khoo, 4S, Ang Rayden, 6I

KS3 Silver - Aarav, 7S, Rouis, 7S KS4 Silver - Jun Tian, 10I

Be sure to checkout some of our star singers in action below:

1. Listen to Key Stage 1 Gold winner Rishi singing《蜗牛和王莺鸟》"The Snail and the Orioles" in a playful and fun way. The lyrics of the song talk about the snail's resilient and positive spirit. This is also the correct attitude in pursuit of knowledge!

2. KS1 - Yun Zhen, 1S (Silver) We’re singing our way to Mandarin fluency, here’s Yun Zhen singing《听我说谢谢你》 "Listen to me and thank you", which she presented for the Mandarin Singing Competition. She has a sweet voice and her warm smile always captures our heart. It is a beautiful children's song that expresses their deepest gratitude and appreciation to frontliners, parents, and teachers.

3. Year 2 student Nitara shows her love and devotion to the Chinese language through her singing. She sings《我爱我的家》"I love my family" and her confident voice deserve your applause!

Congratulations to Nitara for winning the silver prize in our Mandarin Singing Competition.

4. Singing can be about expression and discovery, and learning to sing in different languages is not easy for a Year 1 student! Listen to Jared Khoo, 1S, who recently won Bronze in the Key Stage 1 Mandarin Singing Competition with《你笑起来真好看》"You smile so pretty". The lyrics are long and his pronunciation is good! Congratulations to Jared for winning the bronze prize in our school competition!

5. KS2 - 3I Pratyusha - (Silver) Pratyusha ended on a high note. Although 《泥娃娃》-"Mud Doll" does not have its father and mother, but we have, so we should cherish everything our parents gave us. Congratulations to Pratyusha for winning the silver prize in this competition

6. KS2 – Jayden, 4S (Bronze) Through the song 《明天会更好》- "Tomorrow Will Be Better", young Jayden hopes that the epidemic will end soon. Your wish is everyone's wish. Congratulations to Jayden for winning the bronze prize in this competition!

7. KS2 – Amberlyn, 6I (Silver) Amberlyn used her lovely and sweet voice to perfectly interpret 《你笑起来真好看》- "You look so good when you smile". She is so pretty when she smiles! Congratulations to Amberlyn for winning the silver prize in this competition!

8. KS2 - Ang Rayden, 6I (Bronze) Ang Rayden interprets 《白月光与朱砂痣》- "White Moonlight and Cinnabar Mole" with ease. Just as the words in the lyrics, "When the white moonlight shines, you think of his (her) goodness." Only after we lost it, did we realise that we didn't cherish this precious relationship. Focus on the present moment, don't do things that hurt others feelings, don't say things that hurt others feelings, so that you won't end up with regrets. Congratulations to Ang Rayden for winning the bronze prize in this competition!