How to Keep Your Child Focused During Online Learning

Parents are now spending every single moment of every single day with their children due to CMCO in Malaysia. While it’s nice to think that they can spend so much time with their loved ones, it’s also challenging because parents are now responsible for helping their little ones learn properly through online learning options.

As one of the best international schools in Penang, Straits International School, here are our tips on ways to keep children more focused on their school work.


Tips for keeping your child focused on home-based learning


1. Have a dedicated workspace

Children are easily distracted by anything from a wayward dust mite to a ticking clock. Create a space that is distraction-free and encourage them to work in the same space every single day so that it becomes a site that is associated with work and school. This space can be anything from the dining room table to a home office or even a dedicated homework spot.


2. Give and encourage active breaks

Kids need to move and it’s recommended that you keep kids active by encouraging regular breaks and especially breaks to run around outside or to help with household chores such as putting the washing out and other things. This helps them stay focused for the afternoon.


3. Be patient and kind as they adapt to home-based learning

It’s possible that your child may take a few weeks or longer to adapt to learning from home and from you. Make sure that you give them time to adjust and find comfort in it. They’ll come around to learning at home, they just need to get used to it!


4. Don’t ignore their social needs

From telling you seemingly random stories the middle of a lesson to wanting to talk to their friends via video chat during “recess” make sure that their social needs are met. This is a big change for children and it’s helpful to keep something the same.


5. Combine new and old learning techniques

It’s no secret that kids love technology. That’s why we recommend going along with it and actually using a combination of online learning with traditional learning. It can help kids pay attention and it also means that they’ll enjoy the lessons a lot more. Since you already have the gadgets, you may as well use it!

Try adding in other kinds of lessons: Since your child is learning from home, why not add baking to math? Teach them fractions by doing it through recipes and measuring spoons/cups. Or, teach them art through painting a wall or folding laundry. You can add creativity to their learning experience, go right ahead and do it.


Online learning can be tricky, but following the aforementioned recommendation will help make sure that kids stay focused. The focus is on working with the children and their needs, even if it doesn’t seem logical to the adults all the time. Children think and learn differently and it’s our job as parents and adults to work with that now more than ever. For more information, feel free to get in touch with us.