IDEALS Week Y7 & Y8 – Selangor

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Day 1 - Arrived safely and enjoyed a late lunch followed by orientation and team building games. Service has been shown through serving each other food and clearing properly after. Here we are ready for dinner before further activities. Students made a contract expressing the 5 major expectations for their IDEALS week: Be positive, be responsible, challenge by choice, relationships and safety. Each student agreed what these pillars meant to them as part of a group and presented this showing leadership and democracy.

Day 2 - Having dried out from a wet and wild jungle trek this morning, students worked as part of a team using survival skills to create shelters and fires which they will use to cook tomorrow. An excellent day of adventure so far!

Day 3 - Students continued pushing themselves through a sense of adventure and challenge today with climbing at Batu Caves. Some incredible ascents and great morale-boosting cheers from down below.

Day 4 - After a dynamic warm up, students worked at a number of different stations to prepare food to be cooked on their handmade bamboo fires which they prepared yesterday. On our sumptuous menu we have: baked potatoes, twisty bread and ayam percik all prepared, marinated and wrapped with love and care by the students.

Day 5 - In a great finale to our IDEALS week, students visited Sam Ching Kong Old Folk's Home showing service through Random Acts of Kindness such as: cleaning windows and bathrooms and sharing stories with the residents. We were very proud of their openness and sharing attitude.