10 Good Parenting Tips – How to Be an Awesome Parent

Mother and daughter are looking at each other

Raising kids can be hard work, yet it is the most fulfilling job in the world. An awesome parent is someone who tries to make choices in the child’s best interest.

Effective parenting is not about achieving perfection. But that doesn’t mean we’re not going to strive towards perfection. As parents, we should set high expectations first for ourselves and then for our children.

Here are ten good parenting tips to be an awesome parent.


  1. Emphasize Your Kids Good Behaviours than Bad Behaviours

The more parents scold or reprimand the kids, the higher the chances of repeating the inappropriate conduct. Kids tend to internalize the idea that “I’m a bad child who misbehaves and gets scolded” as they get scolded too often.

As such, since they see it as a part of their personality, they don’t feel compelled to correct their actions. Parents should learn to emphasize more good behaviours than the bad. You will have to go out of your way to do this, but you may quickly see your children’s actions change.


  1. Teach the Kids to Always Consider the Needs of Others

Children genuinely find more satisfaction as they sacrificially offer to others. These are fascinating observations since most of us are self-centred naturally. Before the needs of others, we tend to look out for our interests.

If you want your kids to lead joyful, rewarding lives, teach them to help and support others. Involve them in tasks where they get to support people and make an impact positively.


  1. Don’t Scream at Your Kids

You probably told yourself you weren’t going to scream at your kids, ever. But it is not easy to refrain from yelling while your kids are running you up the wall.

Instead of attempting to control the actions of your kids, consider their perspective and emotions. Try to use logical reasoning to get through to them.


  1. Assign Duties Around the House to Your Children

Household duties impart essential life skills to children relating to service, teamwork, society, and hard work. Early in life, people who learn those lessons are more likely to become well-adjusted adults.

Good parents find household tasks a part of the ritual and tradition of the family. This helps prepare the kids for success in the future.


  1. Establish a Strong Bond with Your Spouse

Building a good friendship with your partner is one of the most important things you will do to help your kids. Compared to children from high-conflict households, children from low-conflict families are healthier, more successful, and well-behaved.


  1. Do Not do Things For Your Children That Your Children Should Do For Themselves

Parents want their kids to be responsible and independent, yet they feel the need to closely supervise their kids and do things for their kids that their kids can do themselves.

  • Do not do things for the kids that are their responsibility
  • Let your kids make age-appropriate decisions
  • Let your children struggle with the natural consequences of their actions


  1. Give Them a Sense of Security

It is essential to note that early experiences have such a significant effect on a child’s development.

  • Show them love
  • Appreciate them
  • Respect them
  • Give them your full attention
  • Be open
  • Be dependable and trustworthy


  1. Help Them Build Resilience and Perseverance

One of the essential qualities that contribute to success is perseverance and enthusiasm for long-term goals. Grit is more important than factors such as IQ and ability when it comes to long-term performance.

How do you help develop grit in your kids?


  1. Be a Good Role Model

Don’t just stop at saying what you want them to do. Show them. In part, humans are a remarkable species since we can learn by imitation.

We are conditioned to imitate the actions of others to understand them and translate them into our actions. Be aware that children watch all that their parents do closely.


  1. Pay Attention to Your Well-being

With kids, concerns such as your health or your marriage’s health tend to be kept on the back burner.

If you do not pay heed to health or marital issues, they will become more significant issues along the line. Take the time out to ensure that you are healthy, emotionally, mentally, and physically.


In a Nutshell

While you train your kids to become good children at home, it’s crucial that they are also being trained properly in school.

So, ensure that your kids attend a good school (whether government, private or international school) where academic excellence and good moral character are emphasized.