Foreign Students

SIS welcomes students from any nationality. We are having 30%-40% of expatriate students and majority of them are from South Korea, China, India, Middle East, Europe and the US. The Malaysian Immigration Authority requests that all foreign students obtain a Student Visa or Dependent Visa or MM2H visa upon acceptance by the School.

Types of Visa Description
Student Visa Foreign students who are 6 years old and above and have enrolled into Straits International School can proceed to apply a Student Visa via school.
Dependant Visa / Resident Pass Parents who are employed by the company and relocated to Malaysia are eligible in getting an Employment Visa and Dependant Visa for the family members. The company shall grant a Student Endorsement Stamp for the child to prove that the child is permitted to study with us.
MM2H Visa The family granted a MM2H (Make Malaysia as Second Home) Visa upon arriving in Malaysia. The MM2H visa agent shall grant a Student Endorsement Stamp for the child to prove that the child is permitted to study with us.

Student Visa Application

The School will provide the necessary correspondence to assist in your Student Visa application to the authority. Effective 24 January 2019, all Student Visa new and renewal applications need to grant approval from the Ministry of Education Kuala Lumpur (MOE KL) before documents can be submitted to the Malaysian Immigration Authority.

The estimated approval lead time from MOE KL is one (1) to three (3) months. New applicants are advised to submit approval to MOE KL upon application for admission test to expedite the application procedure.

Please download the “Student Visa Application Form” below to refer to the required procedure, documents and fees for the application.

Guardian Visa Application

Upon granted a Student Visa, one of the parents (either mother or father) can proceed with applying a Guardian Visa. The Father can apply for a Guardian Visa provided he is not working or having a business in Malaysia. Additional documents will be required as indicated in the Guardian Visa Application Form below.

Younger Sibling Visa Application

Upon granted a Student Visa & Guardian Visa, younger siblings who are below 6 years old can apply for a Younger Sibling Visa. As soon as the younger siblings reach 6 years old (as according to the date of birth), he/she must apply for a Student Visa.

*Please note that granting of a Student/Guardian/Younger Sibling Visa is at the discretion of the Malaysian Immigration Authority who hold the final decision in issuing Visas. School and the service provider cannot guarantee successful issuance of a Visa.