Tournament (Uplands)

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STRAITS DRAGONS - Penang School Sports Fixtures – SPORTS REPORT

Date: Thursday 26th October

Team: Under 14 Girls Netball

Game: Tournament

Venue: Uplands

Team members:

Bernice, Elly, Jing Xuan, Miyu, Nheha, Reena, Samantha, Teresa, Tien Ee, Tina

Coach: Ms Rowan

Report: On Thursday 26th October Straits Dragons travelled to Batu Ferringhi with a team of 10 students who have been training hard each Monday to improve their speed, agility and strength in game. The team arrived in good time to have a quick warm up and then hit the indoor court for their first game against Uplands. As this was a tournament, the team knew they had to keep a little bit of energy stored for each game, but they were determined to show strength in their ball handling and passion to drive forward during the games.

Straits demonstrated key defence strategies to win back possession of the ball and in the attacking positions worked hard to pass feed the ball forward to the goalies. Tough opponents started to weaken and in the 2nd half Straits were able to take the lead which set them up for the rest the game. Although Uplands put up a great battle, Straits were the overall winners of the first match.

The second game saw the SIS girls come up against a stronger and more experienced Tenby team straight after their first game as another team had not turned up yet. All pumped and ready to go the team mentally prepared as they had already played this team earlier in the year. Each of the girls demonstrated resilience claiming they didn’t want to have such a large losing margin this time, so they needed to push hard in defence. It was fantastic to see the team pull together and urge each other on in a positive manner even though it was an exceptionally tough game with no score for Straits.

The final game saw Straits play POWIIS B. Straits were very well warmed up by this game and were definitely taking the lead by out running their opponents and catching the ball in defence. Straits maintained excellent power throughout the entire game and were able to claim victory.

I am immensely proud as the team has managed to improve their game strategy and technical skills over the past few weeks and now have a much greater understanding of reflecting on their mistakes and showing their learning.

Our next game will be Tuesday 21st November against Uplands and POWIIS.

Fantastic effort SIS.


Game 1: SIS 5 v Uplands 4

Game 2: SIS 0 v Tenby 14

Game 3: POWIIS B 3 v SIS 5