How to Ensure Your Child’s Safety When They Return to School After MCO?

returning to school after MCO

The coronavirus has been reported in kids of all ages, although the number of cases in children is significantly fewer than those of adults. Several studies have proven that children generally experience a milder form of COVID-19 than adults. Some children display very mild symptoms or none at all.

As schools in Malaysia are about to welcome students back to class after MCO, many parents are asking to know how they can help keep their children safe.

To keep your kid in school safe, everyone, including teachers, parents, and children, has a role to play.


1. Teach Them How to Wash Their Hands, Frequently

Hand washing is a simple yet effective way to keep your child safe. Teach them to wash with soap and water, practically. To get them interested in learning, make the process fun by singing their favourite song as they wash.

Tell them that they are like superheroes — doing what they can to fight the bad guys (contracting or spreading the virus). It may take them a few days to get used to washing frequently. Therefore, be patient with them.


2. Always Test Their Smell and Taste

Loss of smell and taste has now been added to the list of COVID-19 symptoms. New results from the COVID-19 symptom study reveals that losing your sense of smell and taste may be a stronger indicator of the coronavirus infection than fever.

Testing for any changes in your child’s sense of smell and taste is an excellent way to identify COVID-19 infection early. Dinnertime is perfect for testing this out. Encourage food exploration by asking them what they can taste or smell on their plate.


3. Teach Them Social Distancing

Teach your child about social distancing. It is going to be a regular practice in the classrooms, canteen, laboratory, and every other location. Tell them that it is crucial to maintain a good distance (about 1 metre) between them and other kids because it will help prevent the spread of the virus.


4. Keep Your Child Active

Allow your child to play outdoors. It will help improve their physical and mental health. Go for a walk with him or a bike ride. You can also keep them active with indoor activities like dancing, stretching, etc. It will help your child stay healthy and focused.


5. Encourage Them to Always Wear a Face Mask

Teach your child the importance of wearing a face mask and how it can prevent the virus from spreading. Tell your child to wear it as often as possible.

Also, let them know that it’s fine to pull down the mask to breathe in some fresh air. However, they must pull it up when they want to talk to someone or when someone wants to talk to them.


6. Listen to Your Child

Your child may get worried about what they hear, see or read about in school regarding the coronavirus. While in school, they will be exposed to opinions by peers and teachers.

As a parent, reassure your child that you are always there to listen to them when they are scared or concerned about the things they hear or see in school. You may not have the right answers to give, but the most important thing is to help them feel calm and safe.


In a Nutshell

The little things can go a long way when it comes to teaching and reinforcing essential habits to keep your child safe. Children learn from adults.

Therefore, as a parent, make a habit of washing your hands regularly, observe social distancing as you go out, use your face mask while outside, and sanitise when necessary.

Your little one will more likely to practise what they see. It doesn’t matter if your child is attending a government school or an international school in Penang, following the tips above can help ensure your child’s safety when they return to school after MCO. For more information, feel free to get in touch with us.