What is Your Child’s Learning Style?

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Learning style refers to how kids learn, process and retain information. Although all kids (young children) learn through hands-on experience via touching, doing, and moving, some kids do learn better through reading and writing.

As you observe your child closely, you will begin to notice his strengths and inclinations when it comes to his preferred learning style.


Types of Learning Styles

There are 4 main types of learning styles, including:

  • Visual (learning through seeing)
  • Auditory (learning through hearing)
  • Tactile (learning through touch), and
  • Kinesthetic (learning through doing and moving).


1. Visual (learning through seeing)

Kids who are visual learners learn through observation. Kids in this category tend to observe the parent or teacher’s body language and facial expressions for information and learn through demonstrations and descriptions. These kids usually have well-developed imaginations and think in pictures.


2. Auditory (learning through hearing)

Auditory learners learn by listening. Kids who are auditory processors learn by participating in discussions and talking through with parents, teachers or other kids. Kids in this category may depend on verbal directions to help clarify instructions or written information.


3. Tactile (learning through touch)

Kids who are tactile learners learn through touch. Tactile learners learn effectively through activities or projects that allow them to use their hands. If your kid is a tactile learner, he may prefer doodling or drawing to aid memory.


4. Kinesthetic (learning through doing and moving)

Kids who are kinesthetic learners learn effectively through moving and doing. Kids in this category learn through physical sensations and will have a hard time sitting still for a long time. Using a hands-on approach that allows your kid to explore her physical environment actively will help him learn best.


How to Determine Your Child’s Learning Style?

The best way to discover your child’s learning style is to always watch what they are doing carefully. Your child’s actions, interests and preferences will give you an idea about how your child is processing information.

If your child is going through developmental delays, you may tend to focus on what your child isn’t doing yet. However, bear in mind that you should focus more on their strengths and preferred activities. Every child, even the most challenged, has interests and preferences. When you identify them, it helps increase the child’s motivation for learning.

Focusing on the right learning style for kids can make all the difference in understanding and remembering the study material. When you discover your child’s learning style, you can choose effective study methods that enhance their strengths rather than working against them.

With all of these, remember that there isn’t always one right answer. Your kid may fall into more than one learning style category. Another way to determine your child’s learning style if you aren’t sure is to try a few different styles and see which one is effective for your child’s learning.


Study Tips for Different Learning Style Categories

a. Visual Learners

  • Create study notes using different colours
  • Design study flashcards to use for review
  • Use mind maps, charts and diagrams when teaching your kids


b. Auditory Learners

  • Read study notes out loud for your kid
  • Use catchy rhymes, songs or stories when teaching your kid
  • Discuss those areas your child is struggling with


c. Tactile Learners

  • Encourage your kid to write study notes out by hand
  • Create checklists for your kid to guide studying
  • Arrange their study notes using headings and lists


d. Kinesthetic Learners

  • Come up with practice tests for your kid while he studies
  • Turn learning into a fun activity or game
  • Let your kid squeeze a stress ball while studying


In a Nutshell

As a parent or teacher, you can help your child understand their strengths and individual differences while supporting them in their areas of challenge. Discover real-world experiences that extend your child’s learning. For instance, if your child is fascinated by animals, take him to the zoo as often as you can.

This way, your kid will retain more information and develop a broader understanding of the world if the information is presented in a way that meets his learning style. Straits International School, an established international school or private school in Penang has education specialists that can help identify your kid’s learning style.

For more information, feel free to get in touch with our friendly and helpful counsellors.