Challenge Week

Developing Resilience, Determination and Teamwork

As part of Straits International School’s ethos to promote personal growth within our students and provide a more balanced, holistic education at the school, all students undertake ‘Challenge Week’ each year to develop elements of cultural understanding and environmental awareness, as well as be given opportunities to be adventurous and conduct service.

This may include, for the younger children, the opportunity to go on day trips around Penang and experience sleepovers at the school. Older children will take field trips both within and outside of Malaysia, with opportunities provided to abseil, work in orphanages and complete overnight hikes, for example.

The necessity to overcome challenges and work with others ensures that all students, at the end of the week, have done things they have never done before. In this way, they have all become more rounded young people who display the attributes that SIS expects of its students – namely an ability to be proactive and not be scared to try and overcome obstacles that may face them in life, both as a group and individually.


Challenge week has not been finalised yet for this year. Check back soon.