Challenge Week 2015: Selangor

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Day One - All having a great time. Split into evenly mixed groups and completed some team building activities that got them thinking and working together. Dinner later and evening reflection before lights out.

Day Two - The group tried the 'helium stick' challenge last night, which they found impossibly hard. Try it: long stick of straws and lowering it to the ground in a group. They learned a lot about the importance of teamwork. Today, they built some shelters using tarp, bamboo sticks and string. They needed plenty of guidance for this, but succeeded. This was followed by boat building and race, with a trek in the local jungle.

Day Three - It has been a tiring day here in Selangor, which has included a wake up call at 6.15 am for breakfast, then leaving at 8:00 to go rock climbing.
The kids were split into two groups. The first of which went rock climbing while the second group went caving. Very adventurous!
Each group was allocated two hours to complete their tasks. The students were very excited and tried their level best to complete their climbs. Some of our pupils really pushed themselves and accepted the challenge. Some did struggle but they tried their level best, which was the main thing. Even the teachers found the rock climbing difficult!
After caving and rock climbing, we went to Batu Caves to explore the heritage site. Here, the students were given a mini treasure hunt activity around the area. All of our students seemed to participate actively in that activity.
Although it's been a long and tiring day, everyone involved feels that they have really challenged themselves, which has led to a certain amount of pride in their achievements and a sense of accomplishment. Such is the point of Challenge Week.

Day Four - marked the day that everyone has been looking forward to, a day of jungle trekking towards Sg. Lepuk waterfall.
The instructors had organised a period of preparation leading towards today's challenge. It began with an early breakfast at 7:30am, where students had to eat a rather full breakfast in order to energise for the long walk ahead. After eating, the instructor briefed us all upon the important safety measures for the day, before leading a full stretch and warm up exercise. Students were then divided into groups in order to share the carrying of our luncheon picnic, which was to be eaten at the waterfall.
The track towards Sg Lepuk is challenging, but the students did not give up and some of those who are more experienced in jungle trekking volunteered to help those who struggled, which was great to see. At around 12:30pm, we reached the site where students had a well-earned rest and enjoyed making their sandwiches and eating snacks they had brought along.
After a good rest, students took part in a canyon abseil. In groups, students descended from the peak down to the river and trekked back along the riverbank to the meet up point. Just for an added test, halfway through the abseil, the rain started and for safety measures we had to unfortunately cancel the remainder. This evening shall be spent with a good, old fashioned campfire and our tired students are looking forward to our return to Penang tomorrow. They’ll sleep well this weekend!