Challenge Week 2015: Pangkor

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Day One. The year 3&4 students enjoyed participating in sing songs during the brief bus journey this morning. The ferry crossing was smooth sailing and delivered the excited group onto Pangkor's shores. The fun guides of Nomad adventure welcomed the students to

Vikri beach resort, where we all enjoyed a delicious meal together. After lunch the games commenced, challenging the students to work collaboratively and strategically to overcome obstacles and defeat their opponents. After a brief respite, the students entered into kayak school, learning the language, technique and safety lessons needed to compete in team kayak races. It was an excellent first day of challenge week, enjoyed thoroughly by the students and teachers alike.

Day Two - Morning exercises before a short briefing, then the rested children began their day with a long jungle trek. Emerging from the jungle onto a beautiful beach, we soon spotted a problem, litter! A concerted effort saw to a cleaner environment and a more aware group of students. As a part of our heritage walk we trecked onwards to the historical rock and then to the Dutch fort to learn about Pangkors history. Afterwards, the students enjoyed a visit to a noodle factory and a fish processing plant, which prepared them for snack and a cooling swim. After our long and action packed day we are all looking forward to a barbecue and games before a much needed early night.