Challenge Week 2015: Gopeng Earth Camp

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Day One -

Dear All,

All staff and students arrived at Gopeng Earth Camp following an exciting journey along a long and winding road. The Earth Camp is well equipped and accommodation and lunch were both good. We separated into two teams and enjoyed learning about the Total Values Challenge with our leaders.

The afternoon was spent on a Kampung Adventure around Earth Camp, including learning about local flora and fauna, the Kampung housing and panning for tin. A debriefing on what we saw and heard and a well-earned drink of water followed before we retired to our dorms for a rest – though some opted for a game of football.

Dinner will be served shortly and there will be a chance to shower in the exciting Earth Camp oudoor showers!

We look forward to a good night’s rest next to nature in our dormitory and tree houses and full day of excitement tomorrow.

All is well. Please find attached some photographs from today.

Day Two -

Dear All,

An exhilarating day to follow a relatively peaceful night. All the children were in bed by 9.30pm, though some slept a little later than that. Others were less pleased to be awoken at around 6am this morning by various noise makers – from both Straits and our fellow campers from the British International School Ho Chi Minh.
However, following a hearty breakfast and briefing we were ready for adventure once more. We donned helmets and life jackets and following a ride in the Nomad ‘limousine’ – a truck – we headed for the splendour of the River Kampur. We enjoyed learning how to swim in the rapids and then we broke into three groups to further improve our skills in river walking, rope-bagging and swimming in currents.
Following a riverside lunch, we learned more about the fine art of river rafting before being thrown in at the deep end and taking our six dinghies down the river, steering through the rapids and even finding time to collect rubbish on the way, as part of our community service. We even had the opportunity for a lazy float in the river at the other end of the trail.
A thoroughly enjoyable and tiring day. As we headed home, the children all had that indescribable look of being shattered but smiling to themselves after such a thrilling day.
Children are showered and awaiting dinner. A marvellous Day Two. All is well.

Day Three -

Dear All,

A more restful night thanks to our exertions yesterday and after a hearty breakfast of roti canai, we headed off to Gopeng town for a Heritage Hunt and Market Mayhem morning. We broke into groups to explore some of Gopeng’s more interesting places and learnt that it was once a powerful player in the tin industry. Following that, the children headed to the market to bargain for their own food so that they could prepare a meal later.
After a brief fruit snack and a rest, we were once again on the road. This time, we headed up into the mountains and lunched at a local village, who had prepared for us a meal of fried chicken, rice and vegetables.
Suitably nourished, we set off into the depths of the Malaysian jungle in search of the elusive rafflesia flower. Alas, despite our efforts and much sweating, slipping and tramping through undergrowth, we were only able to see the remnants of a flower that had died a few days earlier. An adventure all the same.
On returning to Earth Camp, we prepared our food for later. The children preparing a vegetable soup and a baked banana that will accompany our main meal. I’m looking forward to it already. Despite some complaining about insects, bugs and the like, all is well and another excellent day was enjoyed by all.

Mr. Simon.