Books & Uniforms

Taking Pride in Our Appearance

Students at Straits International School wear a school uniform which helps to foster a real sense of identity amongst the school community. The uniform is practical to wear, competitively priced and a means of demonstrating our individual identity to the community at large.
During PE time, students are required to wear our significant sport’s shirt. Our sport’s shirt is designed to encourage freedom of movement, and is part of the comfortable learning environment we portray.
All students were assigned to one of the four houses which are Naga in Red, Rusa in Blue, Burung Kelayang in Yellow and Harimau in White. Students are required to wear the respective house t-shirt to represent their houses. The House system encourages teamwork and friendly competition within a supportive environment. With the house system, our student learnt about resolve, determination, cooperation, creativity, collaboration, and an awareness of the importance of community throughout the competition.