Beyond The Classroom

Modern education is about more than just academic work and examinations. SIS promotes a developmental student-centred approach, nurturing a strong sense of self-esteem and personal integrity, and a respectful, caring attitude towards others.

We inspire students to face problems within a framework of fairness and values. Our specialist teachers prepare students for life by providing a rich and balanced experience outside of the traditional academic programme, including teaching in Art, Music, Physical Education, Information Technology and Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE).

Hands-on experiences make active learning come to life. Whether it is the zoo, the planetarium or just a nature walk, students can explore more about the world and how to interact with others when they leave the sheltered environment of the classroom. Besides visiting historic or scientific spots, students can engage in arts and cultural events nationwide. The school also enjoys an annual 'Challenge Week', which encourages international mindedness, environmental awareness, adventure, leadership and service. For many students this shall include residential trips either within Malaysia or overseas.