Application Process

An Application Form should be completed and submitted, together with the RM500 Application Fee to the Admissions department. Applications are welcome throughout the year and there are no set date limit for entrance assessment tests. Further information is available by contacting the Admissions Department.

Information on the application form is used:

  • to assist in processing the application as smoothly as possible;
  • to provide the School with information to help inform its decision;
  • to alert the School to any circumstance on which it may need to offer additional advice to the applicant;
  • to allow the School to gather statistical data, which is used to track trends, inform the marketing strategy, and sending appropriate information to those on our database. Individual details are never released to any third party and all details of every application are kept entirely confidential. The data is used only within the Schools admissions system, and is not divulged to any third party outside the School, in accordance with current data protection legislation.

You are very welcome to visit the school team and see our community in action. The Principal is also available for personal consultation and tours. Just ask!