Date Event
27 May 2019

Straits Heroes Trip to Ranji Nursing Home

Year 9 and 10 Art Trip to The One Academy (Art Students only)

Year 3 trip to TGV Cinemas

28 May 2019 Bahasa Secondary Essay Competition
29 May 2019

Straits Heroes Trip to St Nicholas

Wau Design Competition (Year 7-9)

30 May 2019 Twilight Concert
31 May – 1 June 2019 Open Day
1 June (Saturday) 2019 Revision Day (Compulsory School Day)


Revision Day (Compulsory School Day)

A gentle reminder that 1 June (this Saturday) is a school day. It will be Revision Day with all staff present and attendance is compulsory for all students. As Assessment Week begins on 10 June, we would like to offer our students the best opportunity to show their academic progress by giving them a preparation day in school.

Your children would be expected to be at school for 830am, and will undertake revision activities and exercises throughout the day, following a timetable that is usually taught on a Tuesday.

Breakfast will be provided by the school following the same time as timetable, and Nursery-Year 2 students will be provided a snack at 12pm. Students are to come to school in their formal school uniform.

Dismissal times will be as follows:

Nursery - Year 2: 1.15pm from their classroom

Year 3 - Year 5: 1.30pm from their classroom

Year 6- Year 8: 1.15pm from the drive through area at the front of the school

Year 9 - 11: 1.30pm from the drive through area at the front of the school