May 25, 2015

Challenge Week 2015: Gopeng Earth Camp

Day One – Dear All, All staff and students arrived at Gopeng Earth Camp following an exciting journey along a long and winding road. The Earth Camp is well equipped and accommodation and lunch were both good. We separated into two teams and enjoyed learning about the Total Values Challenge […]
May 25, 2015

Challenge Week 2015: Selangor

Day One – All having a great time. Split into evenly mixed groups and completed some team building activities that got them thinking and working together. Dinner later and evening reflection before lights out.
May 25, 2015

Challenge Week 2015: Pangkor

Day One. The year 3&4 students enjoyed participating in sing songs during the brief bus journey this morning. The ferry crossing was smooth sailing and delivered the excited group onto Pangkor’s shores. The fun guides of Nomad adventure welcomed the students to